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I have actually a 2000 Suburban 1500 the is in need of a brand-new AC compressor. Once I change the compressor ns am also replacing the accumulator/dryer and orifice tube. Can anyone call me wherein the dang orifice pipe is located? I"m not having any type of luck.
If your 2000 sub is prefer my "99, the twin air system has the orifice tube in the high pressure line ~ above the passenger side right under the wait filter box. It is after ~ the "Y" construction in the line. Over there is a nut over a flair kind fitting in the line. This nut can come to be frozen and also wreck the object on the line, for this reason be mindful when remove it. On single a/c equipment the orifice tube is in the very same line, but as it exits the condenser. The grill should come off to execute this one. Expect this helps.

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If her 2000 is the very same as my 2001, it need to be the one circled.

Bel2018 Suburban Z71, 4WD, Sunroof, Navigation, rear entertainment, Xpel ppf.2001 Suburban LT 2WD, 5.3, V8 295k milesstock 4L60E on fifth filter/fluid change; second set of drive shaft u-joints; rear diff new bearings; 2nd fuel pump and also fpr; ABS pump circuit solder reflowed; 3rd water pump; second fan clutch; brand-new front wheel bearing units; brand-new front and rear shocks; 1000# behind air springs, Brake liquid flushed every 2 years; third set the O2 sensor. Tru cool 40k
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