One the the most popular Chevy trucks of every time, the Chevy Blazer is additionally known as the S-10 or S-10 Blazer. When you want to give your Blazer stereotype a boost, using our Blazer stereotype wiring have the right to save you time and also money. Rather of wasting time tracking down Blazer speaker wires or outputs, you can reference this stereotype wiring schematic instead.

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That’s the beauty beauty of this wiring guide. That doesn’t issue if you space doing this work in your driveway, or if you occupational for a professional stereo installer. The information in our Chevy Blazer stereotype wiring guide can display you what cable goes to what, and how come install any aftermarket stereo.

That’s not everything that our Blazer stereo wiring guide is good for however. No issue what year or model of your Blazer, we’ve acquired the wiring information you need to upgrade your stereotype fast. Because the Chevy Blazer can be called numerous different names, it’s important you have all the stereotype wiring information you can get your hands on.

Complete Chevy Blazer stereotype wiring Guide

As we claimed before, the Chevy Blazer have the right to come under several different names. The initial Blazer ranged indigenous the years of 1982-1994 and also was often dubbed the 4WD T-10. This van was likewise rebadged and sold as the GMC S-15 Native 1995 come 2005 or for this reason the Chevy Blazer has actually not readjusted much.

Are friend sick and also tired of her Chevy Blazer speaker or her stereo? want to include a touch of modern or even an infotainment device to her Blazer? look no more than our substantial Chevy Blazer stereotype wiring guide.


First Generation Chevy Blazer stereo wiring Schematic – 1982-1994

Chevy Blazers were rather the innovative SUV because that it’s time. Not to be puzzled with the S-10 pickup, upgrading the Blazer stereotype is an upgrade many users complete.

The former Blazer speakers for this generation measure 4×6. These units are mounted into your Blazer dashboard. For anyone looking to upgrade their 6×9 Blazer speakers in back, you’ll require to access the behind side panels.

Car Radio Battery continuous 12v+ Wire: OrangeCar Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: YellowCar Radio soil Wire: BlackCar Radio Illumination Wire: GrayCar stereotype Dimmer Wire: BrownCar stereo Antenna create Wire: PinkLeft former Speaker confident Wire (+): TanLeft prior Speaker an adverse Wire (-): GrayRight prior Speaker optimistic Wire (+): light GreenRight prior Speaker negative Wire (-): Dark GreenLeft rear Speaker hopeful Wire (+): BrownLeft behind Speaker an adverse Wire (-): YellowRight behind Speaker hopeful Wire (+): Dark BlueRight behind Speaker an unfavorable Wire (-): light Blue

When upgrading the Blazer stereotype in your Chevy, friend will certainly need a mounting kit. Stereo installation kits room cheap and comes through all the mounting hardware compelled to download a Blazer sound system.

Of course once you room upgrading her Blazer speakers, friend should always make sure that friend buy the best amplifier. Installing an amplifier into your Blazer have the right to be an extremely easy if you have our Chevy Blazer stereotype wiring guide.

Wondering why girlfriend don’t check out the info for her Blazer stereo wiring? If you occur to own a Blazer built after 1994, you’ll require this wiring schematic below.

Second Generation Chevy Blazer stereotype wiring overview – 1995-2004

Owners that this year range Blazer enjoy fairly a few features the the previous version didn’t have. One was the obvious inclusion of GM Bose components, giving the Blazer a much better sounding stereo. The other of course to be the immediate gratification the Blazer owners had actually in relation to your dashes.


For numerous years the inner of the Chevy Blazer was recognized to the greatest detraction indigenous the highly achieved truck. Together you can see in the above image, most Blazer stereotype upgrades will require a mounting kit.

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These mounting kit are basic to use and install. They cover increase the gaps surrounding the difficult to work with Blazer dash and also make your stereo fit simply right. What’s more if you own a dual DIN stereotype or upper and lower reversal up unit, this mounting kits can aid you get the job done right.

Car Radio constant 12v+ Wire: OrangeCar Radio Switched 12v+ Wire: Dark GreenCar Radio soil Wire: BlackCar Radio Illumination Wire: GrayCar stereotype Dimmer Wire: Violet/WhiteLeft prior Speaker confident Wire (+): TanLeft prior Speaker an adverse Wire (-): GrayRight prior Speaker confident Wire (+): light GreenRight front Speaker negative Wire (-): Dark GreenLeft behind Speaker confident Wire (+): BrownLeft rear Speaker an unfavorable Wire (-): YellowRight behind Speaker optimistic Wire (+): Dark BlueRight rear Speaker an adverse Wire (-): irradiate Blue

Want come learn much more about upgrading your Chevy Blazer stereo?? use our comfortable Chevy Blazer stereotype wiring guide to acquire the project done fast. For every the latest and greatest in automotive news and updates, make sure to follow united state at agree Street