Hey come all. I have purchased a 28 foot coachman captiva through a dry weight at 5400. That was offered to me as a base load at 4750 but with options added around 700 lbs. The gross come in in ~ 6800 lbs which i won"t get close to. Ns am considering a dodge ram 1500 4x4 v the big block(360) and tow package through equalizer hitch. I checked through the evade dealer and was said this van max was approx. 7250 lbs towable. Have the right to anyone placed me at remainder with this package. I like the truck! will these two match up...thanks! Paul.

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Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionWelcome kalamalka,I"ve got a 1999 Ram, 5.9L, 3.9 behind end, tow package. I simply pulled a 2008 Sunnybrook Sunset Creek with dry load of 6100 lbs i had roughly 300 lbs in back of truck, complete tank the gas, momma and me and also it pulled just fine (no large hills, but some slopping inclines). Ns got about 9 MPG. Dealer called me I can pull approximately 7,400 lb trailer max. Ns pulled v overdrive turned off and also I don"t have actually the 4x4. Ns did have brake controller installed which help a lot of in stopping, weight distribution hitch and sway bar. You need to make certain whomever installs the hitch , etc., recognize what they space doing and also how to change the hitch appropriately to car doing the towing to towed vehicle.
Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionThanks for a rapid reply archer. Was yours a 1/2 ton or a 3/4 ton Ram? Also, I have actually not confirm the equipment ratio top top this truck however the dealer ran the v.i.n. And also said it was an excellent for again approx. 7250 lbs. The Coachman i bought is offered as an Ultra lite however 28 feet and 5400 dried is quiet a bit of lenghth and also weight to tow. I really choose the Quad cab 1/2 ton because that the other 11 months of the year! i am choose the truck up tomorrow(tentatively) so any kind of info is appreciated in the following day or two. Thanks, Paul.
Re: Dodge ram 1500 4x4(5.9/360) for towing questionthat 7250 pounds is through no cargo, no accessories, no passenger in the truck. Just a 150 lb driver and also a little bit of gas. And it is because that a flat bed trailer through "no" wind resistance. Her "true" towing volume is most likely closer to 5000 pounds...
Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionKalamalka, 1/2 ton truck, Quad Cab.John,I had actually my doubts about pulling the 272 Sunset Creek by Sunnybrook, with me and moma and around 400 lbs of gear in the back of the truck. Dry weight was 6,100 lbs. That pulled favor a dream. No troubles at all and also I pulled it roughly 900 mile from the foot hills the Virginia (Kenneth"s yard, haha) come Melbourne Beach. I preserved an eye ~ above everything and also everything functioned just fine....of course, I shed a tiny on the MPG however I expected that. My dealer stated and also owner"s manual evidenced it, that I might pull approximately a 7,400 lb trailer (dry weight). Weight circulation hitch, guide bars and brake controller readjusted properly assisted a lot of on towing this rig. BTW, I maintained my gas tank complete on the trip. Utilizing your logic, I need to not have been may be to pull that much weight there is no damaging something in the truck, so i am not certain I know your logic....and I understand you have posted the exact same logic plenty of times because that those the ask. Guess i was happy to make it to Florida..... :approve:
Re: Dodge ram 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionKeep em coming guys. Again, Archer, to be or is her truck a 1/2 or a 3/4 ton. I know if ns was pulling this rig about most that the year I would certainly exceed buy a bunch the weight capacity buy going v something bigger. But, for probably 4-6 weeks a year, i would favor to hear the a hefty 1/2 ton with a 5.9 is enough for this tow weight. I am supposed to take shipment of the truck tomorrow so anyone through a match that is close to this...please respond...thanks guys

Re: Dodge ram 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionThe 4x4 does drop the towing capacity of the Dodge. Walk it have a infectious diseases worldwide cooler? most likely does if it has a tow package. Look in former of the radiator. If over there is not one girlfriend will require one. Watch in Archers greeting come you and you will check out he has the 1/2 ton. Think you will certainly be ok with the tr for a short duration and don"t mean a racer.
Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionYou should see something i don"t since I don"t watch where Archer mentioned 1/2 ton however oh well, I will certainly assume he does! This truck has actually the tow package v trani cooler but it does no yet have the guide bars or the brake controller. I am quiet listening all lamb 1500(5.9/360) 4x4 owners!! Thanks.
Re: Dodge ram 1500 4x4(5.9/360) for towing questionkalamalka, the line right above where i said, "John" in my last posts, I claimed "1/2 ton truck, quad cab". You will certainly need a load distribution hitch, persuade bars and also a brake controller to do it right. All three are necessary to safely attach a trailer and also tow the safely.BTW, mine old RAM has 138,000 mile on her. She is a 1999. I"ve retained her tuned and feed her with the end 75,000 high milage oil for dinner. I treat her right and so far, she has treated me right.
Re: Dodge ram 1500 4x4(5.9/360) for towing questionSorry....found it. I will be choose up the van tomorrow and also will have actually the hitch and brake excellent asap. Ns think I will be okay with the matchup. I will simply stay far from those extreme mountain passes. Thanks for every the info...much appreciated.
Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionTowing end your limitations is not a insurance of disaster. Many human being do the for brief trips v no disadvantage effects. Many world do it all the moment with no adverse effects. However, some civilization who do it, regret it, when their trailer takes your tow car for a roll down the hill (I to be stuck on a blocked freeway because that several hours while lock cleaned the one up) , or the tow automobile breaks under or wears out, or there is an accident and also some sleazy lawyer finds the end they were end a proclaimed weight limit.My "true towing load guess" formula does no tell girlfriend what you can do or can not do. It just states what a wise human should do most of the time. Archer, in her case, you pushed the envelope, you take it care, and also it operated out. I don"t think anyone would argue the in this specific case you did the wrong thing. On the various other hand, if you were going indigenous VA come CA and also back, i think I"d desire to understand your schedule therefore I might avoid that ar of the nation

Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionActually John, you are wrong. Archer was within his trucks ratings. I would have actually advised the if ns felt that was no able come tow the trailer. I have actually done that plenty of times and probably lost several sales end the years. One element that is never in your math is the reality that all manufactures number in a 20% safety factor for your ratings. Ns am sorry, however I drive Archers truck prior to he left. Ns knew he would make it come Florida. His truck to be a tiny slow on take it off, however maintained speed really well.
Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) for towing questionKenneth, many thanks for the sanity comments. Assumed for a while there that i was crazy according the John"s logic. Ns knew I had checked with Dodge and also the 7,400 lb dry weight trailer because that my truck was correct. And also yes, it to be a tiny slow on take it off, however like I had posted earlier, the drove real smooth in ~ 60 MPH. I"m safety and security prone, for this reason I would not do something that is totally stupid or that would endanger the lives of others. The brake controller (adjusted accordingly) functioned just an excellent and I had "NO" sway from next to next at all.John, I recognize where your coming from and wanting folks come be conscious of the borders on towing. Together with any kind of towing, if her not usage to towing and also you don"t understand what your doing or exactly how to carry out it, then any type of kind the weight would make girlfriend unsafe top top the road. I guess us will never pass on the road. I"ll make sure I let you understand what routes I take and when.....ha ha I acquired it come Florida and also I wouldn"t have a trouble towing it back to Indiana from there.(mostly unloaded BTW)......I simply take the easy and let everyone happen me by and also I just wave hello. :laugh: :approve:
Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) for towing questionYep, if the trailer was 6100 pounds and the cargo to be 400 pounds, and he had only 1 passenger, then Archer was well in ~ his truck"s proclaimed capabilities, much much less within any actual capabilites. So i was not correct (had to take place some time ), and also he can go cross nation with no difficulties (related to exceeding capabilites, that course). As lengthy as that doesn"t pack a bunch of stuff in the trailer, and/or add an ext stuff and/or civilization in the truck, as would be common with "normal" use... Everyone, if Kenneth tells you that you are ok, then there is no should doubt her sanity. Mine "formula" (which if you plug in Archer"s number agrees that he to be fine) is simply a "sanity guide" for typical usage. Kennith, I definitely do hope the manufacturers construct in a security factor, yet I would certainly never, in any type of circumstances, rely on it being there. Just like most things in this world, if it is not stated in writing, it can not be counting on (and occasionally not even if it IS in writing )
RE: Dodge ram 1500 4x4(5.9/360) for towing questionI simply pulled a 30 foot Coachman the was grossed-out at about 6,800 to 7,000 lbs from Tennessee come Arizona, steering a 1999 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 5.7L with tow package, sway bars, and also air shocks. Ns averaged about 8mpg and also a top speed of around 60mph. The just thing that taken place was a fuel pump failure. The temperature maintained was about 208 degrees from the normal 140 or so.The inquiry is....would I have actually been much better off staying in 4 wheel drive 보다 2 wd for same distribution and also maybe much better gas mileage? I provided over-drive most of the moment with cruise control, but found myself having to go earlier and soon to third gear, and of course throughout a climb. Any type of suggestions?Thanks,Dave
Re: Dodge ram 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionI was told to NOT usage overdrive when towing mine trailer. I did not use cruise regulate at all. It functioned fine doing the this way.

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Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) because that towing questionAbsolutely execute NOT use 4x4 while towing. On tough pavement you would certainly tear increase the driveline, transfer instance first.
Re: Dodge lamb 1500 4x4(5.9/360) for towing questionWelcome...either click on the connect or walk to page 2 and look because that TT sway concerns by HZMTLT. Happy campinghttp://www.bsci-ch.org.com/bsci-ch.org/mbbs22/bsci-ch.orgs/thread-view.asp?tid=7022&posts=15&start=1