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Hi there,My dad just bought a 98 camry Le 4 cyl 2.2 Liter 110,000.kmsIt was a used vehicle from a dealer and also he didn"t gain a owner"s manual.Here is my question, when must I adjust the timing belt? and should I perform the water pump in ~ the very same time? any type of idea just how much the would expense in cdn$Thanks a million
The encourage mileage because that a timing belt is 90K, however I understand I go both my waterpump and timing belt approximately 60K just to be safe. The 5SFE in that year is a non-interferance version (so if the timing belt breaks, friend won"t blow your engine).I think ns paid between $300-400 USD for my 60K service (of i m sorry the two huge components to be the timing belt and waterpump)...HTH -DJ
Hi there,My dad simply bought a 98 camry Le 4 cyl 2.2 Liter 110,000.kmsIt was a used automobile from a dealer and also he didn"t acquire a owner"s manual.Here is my question, when should I readjust the time belt? and also should I carry out the water pump at the same time? any idea exactly how much that would expense in cdn$Thanks a million
I am at around 80,000 kilometres on 2nd belt 97 4 cyl LE . Never did water pump or anyhing rather at 1"st change. Freshly asked dealer if next change should include any kind of seals or tensioner work. I trust him & he claimed don"t bother. Seems prefer the rubber components really take it a S%^T kicking in American summer heat lots of refrence come seals etc . Shot a find " 4cyl water pump"?
I changed my 95 water pump at 475K km, and also think the didn"t really need to be changed. The impeller blades looked fine, not too much wear. I"d think maybe carry out the water pump in ~ 400K km intervals, uneven it"s weeping.I changed the oil pump drive and driven gears in ~ 300K km, and also for the cost and also trouble, I"d introduce doing it at 200K km, or every second timing belt. I also like the reference of various other forum posters and running full synthetic oil and transforming that every 7000 km, and an altering the oil filter every 3500 km. Two filters per oil change.The front seal ~ above the crank shaft have to be changed at 200K kilometres intervals. It"s straightforward to readjust when act the time belt.The timing belt and tensioner spring must be adjusted at 100K km intervals.
85 LE 2SE 500K km - died trying to press a semi off the road :sosad: 95 LE 5SFE 530K km, 530K km readjusted engine, 549K km second engine died, now 554K kilometres running v a 98 5SFE block and also head

toyota says 150,000km you have to replace timing should readjust water pump v the timing belt. But my mechanic said about 100,000 no more than 130,000
I carry out my time belt every 100K kilometres (60,000 mi) because of mine driving conditions. -45C to 35C. If the temperature extreme is narrower prefer 0C to 40C, you deserve to likely acquire away with an ext mileage, choose 130K km. However it"s better to change it before it breaks so you deserve to avoid towing costs.Up right here in CDN prices, the belt is about $40, the tensioner spring $5, the crank seal $10, the oil pump drive, propelled rotor and also o-ring $70, the water pump $125.

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85 LE 2SE 500K kilometres - passed away trying to push a semi off the roadway :sosad: 95 LE 5SFE 530K km, 530K km adjusted engine, 549K km 2nd engine died, currently 554K km running v a 98 5SFE block and head 01 XLE V6 310K km
Question What maintain is forced on my time belt? price If your auto is a 1999 design year or newer and also is equipped through a time belt, you must replace that every 90,000 mile or six years, whichever come first.For all various other Toyota vehicles equipped v a time belt, us recommend the the time belt it is in inspected with the various other drive belts in ~ 60,000 mile or four years, whichever comes first, and every 15,000 miles thereafter and replaced together necessary. Due to the fact that the costs affiliated with inspecting the time belt might be comparable to those of having actually it replaced, numerous customers may discover it an ext cost reliable to change the timing belt at 60,000-mile intervals.Should the timing belt break while you space driving the vehicle, major engine damage might result. The greater the speed, the much more extensive the damage can be.If friend have added questions, please refer to your scheduled Maintenance overview or Owner’s hand-operated Supplement or contact your local Toyota dealership.If your automobile is equipped with a time chain rather than a timing belt, over there is no prescribed instead of interval. To identify if your auto has a time belt or timing chain, please recommendation the FAQ below: time Belt and Timing Chain
Severe engine damage only occurs on the 5E-FE, 1MZ-FE v VVT-i, 3MZ-FE, 2UZ-FE v VVT-i (4.7L Tundra V8, 2005+), and the 3UZ-FE (4.3L Lexus V8).