Changing the fuel filter on her Jeep cool Cherokee is straightforward work and also can be done in a issue of minutes.

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This article uses to the Jeep grand Cherokee ZJ (1993-1998).

Are you experiencing acceleration lag, turbulent idle, or getting bad gas mileage? her fuel filter might be dirty or clogged and also in need of replacement. Don"t fret, this is one of the easiest tasks to do on your cool Cherokee. The fuel filter is not too expensive and will only take you minutes to readjust out. You don"t even need come have any mechanical know-how. It is easy to acquire to and you"ll it is in ecstatic through the quantity of money you"ll conserve from having a expert do the project for you. You don"t need any type of special tools, and the only issue is having a tiny fuel spill the is easily managed with one old shop rag.


The fuel filter is located under her Jeep, in the center, and also right over the differential.

Step 1 – Jack up your Jeep and also place on jack stands

Lift her Jeep v a floor jack and also place on jack stands in ~ the correct and also safest locations. If you are only lifting the former or rear alone, always chock the wheel on the ground indigenous the front and also behind come avoid any type of possibility of rolling. Always use your emergency brake as well.

Figure 1. Constantly use the exactly jacking places to lift her Jeep.
Pro Tip

Always use jack stands once working under her Jeep. Never work under it when using only a floor jack.

Step 2 – Disconnect fuel lines from the filter

The fuel filter is situated under the Jeep in the center over the differential. You"ll check out that over there is a hose at both ends. These are connected with a quick release tab that only requirements to be pressed in through your fingers, and then the hose will certainly pull ideal off. Have a shop rag comfortable to cover the hoses for any fuel that may spill the end of the hose. It must really it is in a couple of drops in ~ most. The fuel lines are under pressure, for this reason they may take a tiny elbow grease to pop off. You can remove the gas cap if you want to relieve some of this pressure.

Figure 2. No devices are necessary for popping off the fuel lines from either end of the filter.

Step 3 – remove filter

Once the fuel lines room removed, usage a ratchet and socket to remove the mounting bracket bolts. The filter holds approximately a couple cups of gasoline, for this reason be ready with a shop rag or a container come let it spill into when removing the filter.

Figure 3. Eliminate the bracket bolts and the filter falls right out. Take treatment as it will certainly be filled v gas.

Step 4 – remove the hose connectors indigenous old filter

You will must remove the old hose connectors indigenous the old filter. If friend haven"t dumped the gas yet, it will come pouring out either end. Inspect the condition of the gas that comes out. The will most likely be a nasty brown color, indicating the Jeep was well due for a new fuel filter (see number 4).

Figure 4. Eliminate the connectors native the old filter and also reuse.

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Step 5 – install old connectors on brand-new filter and also re-install

Put the old connectors ~ above the brand-new filter and install the filter ago into the bracket. Reconnect the hoses and also you should be ago on the road.