To rerelocate the door actuator you will certainly need to pull the dashboard back.

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this overview will help then examine out the diagrams listed below for your auto. out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know what happens.

There are a minimum of 3 different actuators that operate air doors and also as of yet the poster has not stated which actuator he is in search of or what problem he is trying to settle.

I need a diagram of my trucks dashboard to discover specific place of air blend door actuator I have actually tryed whatever and also asked everyone I newly bought a haynes company hand-operated from an auto components store and also said nopoint about the actuator whether heat or air conditioning it blows in the floor and not almost everywhere else so if you have the right to can please help me

Hello, The blend door actuator you desire to adjust is on optimal of the heater box. Here is a guide and also a diagram (BELOW) that reflects you wbelow it is and just how to adjust it. let us recognize if you need anypoint else to get the problem fixed.Cheers, Ken
So based on what I have review it looks choose I will certainly have to rearea the actuator that controls the left (driver-side) vents which is situated on the optimal of the heater box (blows cold for a while, then blows warm sometimes turning the automobile off and also on aget will acquire it to blow cold again for a little while).Anyway, it appears all the instructions, photos and videos (including the ones at the attach provided above) are not for this actuator except for one that shows wbelow it is located. Any comprehensive instructions given that it is in an extra ineasily accessible place than the lower actuator? Also, are all the actuator's the same? I do not want to order the wrong one for my repair.
Does your automobile have actually split temperature controls? If so what year is your car? I execute not think they had actually dual control in 1994.
Air Conditioning problem1994 GMC Sonoma 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual I was wondering just how execute you install an a/c actuator on this form of vehicle becasue I have actually the component I simply dont recognize just how to obtain the old one out and also the brand-new one in any type of help is good.
Actuator motor is situated on optimal of the heater case. Remove instrument panel and unplug electrical connectors. Remove actuator motor and also relocation via brand-new.
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