To remove the door actuator girlfriend will should pull the dashboard back.

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this overview will help then examine out the diagrams below for your car. out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know what happens.

There room a minimum that three various actuators that run air doors and as of however the poster has not specified which actuator that is searching for or what problem he is trying to resolve.

I need a diagram of my trucks dashboard to find exact place of air blend door actuator I have tryed everything and also asked anyone I recently bought a haynes business manual from an auto parts store and also said nothing around the actuator whether warmth or air air conditioning it blows in the floor and not everywhere else therefore if you deserve to can please help me

Hello, The mix door actuator you want to change is on peak of the heater box. Below is a guide and also a diagram (BELOW) that shows you where it is and also how to change it. let us understand if you require anything else to gain the problem fixed.Cheers, Ken
So based upon what I have actually read that looks favor I will must replace the actuator the controls the left (driver-side) vents which is located on the top of the heater box (blows cold for a while, then blows warm sometimes turning the vehicle off and on again will obtain it to blow cold again because that a small while).Anyway, it appears all the instructions, photos and also videos (including the ones in ~ the link provided above) are not because that this actuator other than for one that mirrors where the is located. Any type of detailed instructions because it is in a much more inaccessible place than the reduced actuator? Also, room all the actuator's the same? I execute not want to order the wrong one because that my repair.
go your auto have separation temperature controls? If for this reason what year is her car? I execute not think they had dual control in 1994.
Air conditioning problem1994 GMC Sonoma 4 cyl two Wheel Drive manual I to be wondering exactly how do you install an a/c actuator ~ above this form of auto becasue I have the component I simply dont know exactly how to obtain the old one out and also the new one in any assist is great.
Actuator motor is located on peak of the heater case. Eliminate instrument panel and unplug electrical connectors. Eliminate actuator motor and replace v new.
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Ac Won"t Come the end Of Dash plank Vents. It only Comes Thru Defrost and Floor Vents. What Is Wrong. I shot To revolve The Dial for The Vent But...

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I Am having Trouble v The Defrost/feet/vent/ac Control. The Is A 2002 Gmc Sonoma through Zr5 Package. Once I walk To put The wait To punch On My...
Bad Things happen When I run My Ac. That Seems prefer The Brakes Tighten Up? room The Brakes concerned The Ac?