What is the most an important Ken Griffey Jr rookie card?

Most beneficial 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Cards1989 Topps heads Up Ken Griffey Jr. # 1989 archer Tiffany Ken Griffey Jr. # 220.1989 Fleer Glossy Ken Griffey Jr. # 548.1989 Topps Tiffany Ken Griffey Jr. # 41T.1989 upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. # 1 RC.

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What is the most an important 1990 Donruss baseball card?

10 Most an important 1990 Donruss Baseball Cards1990 Donruss #23 Juan Gonzalez Rookie Card. 1990 Donruss #665 Nolan Ryan King the Kings. 1990 Donruss #365 Ken Griffey Jr. 1990 Donruss #489 Sammy Sosa Rookie Card. 1990 Donruss #126 Barry Bonds. 1990 Donruss #61 Bo Jackson. 1990 Donruss #304 Rickey Henderson. 1990 Donruss #659 Nolan Ryan 5000 K’s.

What baseball cards native the 80’s and 90’s space worth money?

Most an useful Baseball Cards that the 80’s and also 90’s: our Favorites1987 Donruss opening Day Barry bonds / Johnny beam Error card #163 (Buy on eBay) 1993 best Refractor Ken Griffey Jr. 1991 Topps Desert Sheild Chipper Jones Rookie card (Buy ~ above eBay) 1990 Topps Frank cutting board No surname on front #414 (Buy top top eBay)

How lot is a 1987 mark McGwire rookie card worth?

1987 Topps Rookie an additional epic mark McGwire rookie card that is quiet affordable. This cards generally sell for $3-$5. Not a poor value once you think about what an significant player the was. These McGwire baseball cards room not rare at all.

What is the most valuable 1992 Topps baseball card?

10 Most valuable 1992 Topps Baseball Cards1992 Topps #242 Mike Mussina Rookie Card. Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $40. 1992 Topps #1 Nolan Ryan. 1992 Topps #768 Jim Thome Rookie Card. 1992 Topps #575 Kirby Puckett. 1992 Topps #4 Nolan Ryan document Breaker. 1992 Topps #156 Manny Ramirez Rookie Card. 1992 Topps #78 Ivan Rodriguez. 1992 Topps #50 Ken Griffey Jr.

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How much is Michael Jordan’s rookie card worth?

A Pristine copy that Michael Jordan’s 1986-87 Fleer Rookie Card offered for six-figures in a storage Lane Inc. Sale Sunday evening. The card, graded a 10 through Beckett Grading Services, fetched $100,000 in the Tustin, Calif.


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