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Welcome to the second trimester!

At 14 weeks pregnant, plenty of moms-to-be start to feel hungrier, more energetic and less nauseous asearly pregnancy symptoms start to subside.

Meanwhile, your baby"s gaining chubbier by the day, and may be beginning to sprout some hair.

Your infant at week 14

This week your tiny dancer trades in the suddenly jerky reflexive movements of last trimester because that smoother, an ext fluid moves. Think much more ballet and also less i know good hop. In simply a month or two, you’ll acquire to experience those small dance actions for yourself, in the kind of those very an initial flutters! Baby’s attitude is improving, also — his neck is acquiring longer and also his head an ext upright. He might still it is in the size of a fist, however he’s no shaped choose one anymore.

There’s another important advancement afoot together your little Sasquatch sprouts hair not simply on his head but all over his itty-bitty body. Referred to as lanugo, this downy coating consists the fetus, primarily to save him cozy and warm till he packs on a couple of pounds. When he accumulates some insulating fat and also fills the end over the next few months, many of the lanugo will shed. But don’t it is in surprised if your honey’s still sort of hairy in ~ birth, particularly if he come early. The real locks the are cultivation on optimal of his cute head will remain put, despite hair color may change right as much as birth.

Underneath that arising head the hair is your baby’s rapidly farming brain. As those exceptional cells multiply, the brain develops right into two distinct halves — the left and also right hemisphere. Every one controls the opposite next of the if you check out your small one suck his ideal thumb — other he have the right to do now — it’s the left side of his remarkable mind telling him exactly how to do it.

And many thanks to all the new brain power, her baby has actually started developing reflexes. If you to be to poke your belly, because that instance, your tiny wiggle worm will certainly wriggle far from the intruding finger. If a loud noise shakes the comfy boundaries of his restful roost your little chicken will certainly actually startle. Talk around reflexes at work!


One down, two to go!

Welcome come the second trimester — (almost) every pregnant woman"s favorite, and for good reason! together many very first trimester pregnancy woes wane, you"re most most likely feeling a little bit peppier and a lot more human. With any kind of luck, her breasts aren"t quite as tender as they to be last trimester and also your power level is make a comeback.

More good news on the horizon: less morning sickness and also fewer trips come the potty come pee. Also cooler is the fact that it may be time to begin hitting those maternity boutiques, due to the fact that you might be starting to display — rather of looking favor you"ve consumed too lot for lunch.

That"s because your uterus is lastly rising the end of the pelvic an ar and right into your lower abdomen. You might even have the ability to feel the peak of her uterus, called the fundus, if you press down right over your pelvic bone in your reduced abdomen. Just how amazing is that?

Your 14 mainly pregnant belly

Now the you’re officially in your second trimester, it may be time to walk maternity garments shopping because that real, as right about now plenty of women walk from looking a little bloated to actually “popping.”

But remember: her 14 main pregnant belly is regular no issue how big or small it is. All expectant women lug baby differently depending on their height and figure, and also whether this is their very first pregnancy or not. So breath a sigh the relief and know the your baby bump at 14 mainly is perfect, no matter what the looks like! and of course, if friend have any kind of questions, examine in v your provider.

Round ligament pain

For part women, a possible side impact of uterine growth is what your OB/GYN would speak to round ligament pain. Basically, these room pregnancy farming pains that feel like achy or sharp pains on one or both political parties of the abdomen that start to show up around 14 weeks however can strike at any type of time throughout the second trimester.

Here"s why: The uterus is sustained by thick bands that ligaments that operation from the groin increase the side of the abdomen. Together your uterus grows, the supporting ligaments stretch and thin the end to accommodate the enhancing weight. This weight pulls top top the ligaments and causes a spicy pain or a dull ache in your lower abdomen.It’s often an ext noticeable as soon as you change positions suddenly or quickly get up from sitting or lying under or as soon as you cough or sneeze.

The best way to bring relief? put your feet up and rest in a comfortable position, which should ease the strain and the pain.

Staying healthy

As if girlfriend didn"t have enough pregnancy symptom to complete with, you"re also much more susceptible to colds, flu and also other bugs once you"re expecting. That"s because nature wisely suppresses your immune system throughout pregnancy to save your fetus — a foreigner to her body — from gift rejected.

The key to staying healthy and balanced is to interact in part germ warfare. An ext than ever, the finest defense is a strong offense, particularly when germs space being passed roughly your office or residence like canapés.

Wash your hands often — and carry liquid sanitizer because that times once a sink"s not handy — don"t share drinks or food or toothbrushes and also avoid sick civilization like the plague. It"s it s okay to banish a sick spouse to the couch.

If you think you"ve captured something, examine with her practitioner ASAP, who will law what you"ve got with your handicap in mind. If antibiotics space prescribed because that a bacterial infection — they"re useless versus viruses prefer colds — don"t hesitate to take them since you"ve heard drugs aren"t safe during pregnancy. Numerous are — and getting much better fast is the ideal medicine for your baby.


You’re more than likely feeling a renewed sense of power now that your body has actually finished its first-trimester task of manufacturing the placenta. So consider taking this opportunity to obtain a jump begin on baby prep. Prepared to start picking the end a infant registry wish list? read More
While your breasts are still cultivation and an altering — for instance, your areolas are probably darker and also your nipples may be top top “high alert” — they might not feel together achy as they walk in your very first trimester. Check out More
Now the the nausea is subsiding, did you do it rediscovered your appetite. Perform your best to eat regular, healthy and balanced meals and also snacks throughout the day, i m sorry keeps blood sugar and also energy stable, rather of bingeing, which reasons sugar highs and subsequent sugar crashes. Review More
These large, puffy blood vessels, which often present up on your legs, are brought about by the extra blood volume you produce to nourish her baby-to-be. Despite you may not be able to prevent varicose veins totally — they have the right to be hereditary — friend can assist minimize castle by wearing support stockings, walking throughout the job to store blood circulating and also raising your legs above the level of your heart. Review More
Those pesky hormones room to blame when again: High levels of estrogen and also progesterone boost blood circulation to mucous membrane in the body, including the nose, which causes them come swell and soften. Try running a warm-mist humidifier while you sleep to make breathing easier. Check out More
If you like many women, your morning sickness may be coming to an end now the you’re in the second trimester. Yay! Pat yourself on the earlier (or tummy) for making it through the worst of the nausea. Check out More

It’s not inexplicable for mole to construct or change right around now, thanks to pregnancy hormones.

But it’s quiet a smart relocate to have them evaluate by your doctor. Constantly check in with your practitioner about anyskin changes you notice just to it is in safe.

With your 2nd trimester come a explode of energy. Take advantage! obtain your light-to-moderate exercise game on to reduced your hazard of gestational diabetes and also keep yourself and also your baby-to-be healthy.

The American university of Obstetricians and also Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends obtaining at least 30 minute or much more of moderate practice per day, in ~ least 5 days a week. Simply remember come avoid working out on your earlier now the you"re past the very first trimester.

Are you so busy that you occasionally forget come eat? put a couple of "have you fed your baby?" reminders wherever you invest a many time — like on your dashboard, your computer system screen and also the restroom mirror.

If you"re fear to eat because you"re still emotion queasy, understand that nausea deserve to actually it is in made worse by an empty stomach. Fill her tummy slowly, starting with fluids prefer water, fruit juices, smoothies and soups, then move on to solids when you think her tender tummy have the right to handle it.

Try eating tiny meals or snacks every two to three hrs to help regulate your blood street levels and digestion, particularly if you"re still managing morning sickness.

Thinking the commemorating your pregnancy by gaining a tattoo? Think again. If not much of the octopus or its corpuscle will get in your bloodstream, over there is a risk of infection any type of time you gain stuck v a needle. Not a great risk come take as soon as you"re trying come stay healthy for two.

Plus, a new tattoo the looks symmetry on your skin might become lopsided or distorted ~ you gain back your pre-pregnancy shape!

If you already have a tattoo, no problem — just sit ago and watch it stretch! your bikini-line butterfly might just begin soaring favor an eagle!

In your 2nd trimester, her baby starts to prosper in earnest. Your weight acquire should pick up so that if you started your pregnancy with a normal BMI the 18.5 to 24.9, you’d gain a full of around 14 pounds.

For the ideal weight get results, save an eye ~ above the range within reason— no need to obtain too obsessive. However what you don’t know deserve to throw your weight off-target. Try to sweet yourself in ~ the exact same time every day (or every few days) prior to getting pull or when wearing the very same clothes.

When shopping for groceries, think fresh, no processed. Fresh foods naturally provide an ext vitamins and also minerals, and also they contain much less sugar, salt, calories, fat and also additives 보다 their handle counterparts.

A notable exception to fresh-is-always-best: Frozen fruits and also vegetables that aren"t packed with sugar or salt are regularly at the very least as nutritious, or even more so, than fresh produce. Ditto because that the canned variety.

The heat"s on when you"re expecting, thanks to a management boost. So as soon as dressing for practice success, play it cool. Stay loose, breathable, stretchable workout apparel during pregnancy, best down to your undies (which must be cotton).

Choose a bra — maybe a sporting activities bra — that offers plenty of assistance for your larger breasts yet that doesn"t pinch once you get moving.

If your sneakers are mirroring their age, change them now to minimization your possibilities of injury or falls. When you"re at it, make sure you"re put on the appropriate sneakers for your fitness routine.

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