Easy to usage grade calculator to calculation test, quiz and also assignment score. This cost-free tool is designed because that teachers and also students to conveniently calculate grades.

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bsci-ch.org.OMR Grade Calculator is a free online app to quickly calculate quiz, test and assignments scores from any device and platform. Go into the total variety of questions and also the number of wrong answers to obtain the comprehensive score information. This grading tool supports two grading systems: typical 5 points and 12 points extended with +/- marks. Use grading chart for a quick reference of qualities distribution.

All calculations are based upon standard grading mechanism in united state schools and universities. You have the right to switch between 5 points and 12 points solution using buttons located above the calculator. bsci-ch.org grade calculator likewise provides two charts: quick chart with details on wrong and correct answers because that each grade, and Grade chart v a perform of grades for all cases of not correct answers.

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How to calculate Test Grades

Enter variety of questions

Enter the total number of questions in your test, exam or quiz.

get in count of not correct answer

Type in the number of wrong answers.

Wait a couple of seconds

The result, including percentage, fraction and letter score will be calculated and also displayed.

Get an outcome

Use quick Chart checkbox to display grade distribution chart.


exactly how to calculate grades?

go into the variety of total questions in her test and the variety of wrong answers to watch the grade. Inspect the charts to see the in-depth information.
conventional 5 clues A/B/C/D/F scale is used by default. However, you can pick 12 points scale that additionally uses +/- indicators by clicking on Extended button above the calculator.
deserve to I calculate qualities on Linux, Mac OS or Android?

grade calculator works online and does not require any type of software installation.
What browser should I use to calculate grades?

You have the right to use any contemporary browser to calculation grades, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

Fast and Easy grade Calculator

Input your data and get your grade calculated. Describe the grade chart for an ext detailed information.


calculate grade from almost everywhere

It functions from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and also iOS. All files are handle on our servers. No plugin or software application installation required for you.

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class Calculator high quality

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