Fogerty wrote this song in the style of an afri American spiritual. It"s created from the perspective of a servant in the American South, wherein he"s forced to endure difficult labor in sweltering heat. Fogerty invested a long time in The southern preparing because that Blue Moon Swamp, which was his an initial album because 1986. Because that the album, the honed his skills on bottleneck guitar and dobro.

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After finishing the song, Fogerty decided it needed some bottleneck slide and set about because that the next year mastering the technique. After ~ feeling like he"d become proficient, however, he chose that the sound he required wasn"t bottleneck, after all, yet was rather his old dobro guitar. It take it him three an ext years to feel he"d obtained where he necessary to v the dobro. He"d never felt with his guitar playing in general due to the fact that he fight so lot success with CCR that he spent all his time songwriting, quite than "woodshedding" (mastering the instrument). The procedure of mastery was no only essential to the musically, but also personally, and also he credited it as critical part that the healing procedure he had to go through after all the difficulties he had actually with CCR and record executives.
After the semi-disastrous Eye that the Zombie album, which was released amidst all kinds of personal turmoil, Fogerty did part soul looking in Mississippi. During the visit, he was inspired to write "A Hundred and also Ten in the Shade" after meeting Pops Staples."I mean, i was there," Fogerty said. "I stand there v Pops Staples, I"m wearin" black, it"s 110, he"s wearin" white noodle - assumption: v who"s indigenous the city?"

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