There’s solid anything together annoying together running out of fuel in the center of a grilling session!

Just the believed of waiting for fuel to finish cooking frustrates me, specifically after encountering this problem plenty of times beforehand on. After all, no one wants an abruptly break up BBQ session!

And that’s when I decided to number out the food preparation time of my propane tank beforehand.

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During my research, i came across several techniques, but not every were an extremely handy. Ns then do the efforts a few to calculation the cooking time, and was impression with exactly how close mine prediction turned the end to be.

Hello! i’m Stacy Smith, and also today, i’ve curated this overview that will answer among your burning inquiries - just how long go a 1 lb propane tank critical on a gas grill?

So, without any kind of further delay, stop begin!

How long Does A 1lb Propane Tank last On A Gas Grill


On average, a 1 lb propane tank should last around 1-1/2 hours. However there’s much more to the story. Depending on the burner’s setting and BTU usage of the grill, the cooking time changes from one user to another. Thankfully, there room a variety of ways with which you can calculate the approximate food preparation time.

In the complying with sections, I will certainly walk friend through several of the most frequently used methods that will help you continue to be equipped with adequate gas for your grilling sessions.

1. BTU Consumption

One the the simplest approaches to calculate the cooking time of a one-pound propane tank is through taking keep in mind of the grill’s BTU consumption. Because that this, every you have to do is look up the hand-operated of her gas grill to find out that is BTU consumption per hour (BTUH).

Once you have it, division the BTU rating of her propane tank through the BTUH. On that note, the BTU counting of a 1-pound propane tank is taken into consideration as 21,600. The result number will provide you the variety of hours the the tank will certainly last.

Furthermore, if you using only one burner instead of two, you can estimate that the cooking time will double.

Although this method is relatively easy, yes sir one far-ranging problem - it doesn’t take right into account the different burner settings. Since it’s unlikely that you will just use the highest setting every time, this calculation will certainly not be of much aid always.

2. Hot Water Test

If girlfriend hate complex calculations just as lot as i do, then this next an approach will certain appeal to you. Through conducting the hot water test, friend can get a stormy idea of the lot of propane left in her tank.

First, to fill a container with warm water, and pour it under the tank’s side completely. Then operation your hands follow me the side to detect the ‘cool spot’. The peak of this point out is the level to which her tank is full.

What happens here is that the hot water cools down as soon as it comes in call with the liquid propane inside. Thus, the portion of the tank that’s empty will remain warm, if the metal near the fill level will end up being cold.

This an approach will offer you a decent calculation of the propane level, and also you deserve to decide even if it is or not it"s enough for your cooking needs.

3. Gauges

To leveling your occupational of measure the propane level, various propane tank gauges are available in the market. Several of the most famous ones are:

A. Inline press Gauges

Inline push gauges room installed in between the grill’s gas line and also the cut-off valve ~ above the tank. They occupational on the created pressure to read the propane level, letting you understand if the tank is full, short or empty.

B. Analog Propane Scales

Much choose luggage scales, analog propane scales weigh the tank to read the remaining propane level. Just connect the hook with the tank’s handle, choose it up, and also complete the reading. While in ~ it, ensure the the tank remains balanced in air, so the you gain a near-accurate measurement.

Since both of this scales readout just the fuel level, you will need to rely ~ above your suffer to estimate the cooking time.

C. Digital Propane Tank Scales

Digital propane tank scales are attached to the tank come get continuous readings around the gas fill percentage and related cooking time. In my opinion, these are pretty accurate and trouble-free, especially if you have small to no experience with grilling.

4. Weight Measurement

In case you don’t want the added expense of to buy a gauge, you can still figure out the continuing to be propane level utilizing a weighing scale.

First, check the tare weight (weight the the tank as soon as it’s empty), which is typically mentioned top top the handle. Next, sweet the tank top top the scale. Lastly, subtract the tare load from this value.

The resultant number will provide you through an approximate weight of the propane level. Right here again, you will do it need considerable grilling suffer to predict the cooking time.

Final Words

So, what carry out you think is the best means to calculate her tank’s cooking time?

I will say over there isn’t one perfect means of law it. This is because not countless techniques take right into account the varied setups of the burner. Also, you might not usage all the burners at the exact same time. All of these scenarios deserve to drastically adjust the calculated food preparation time.

Nevertheless, if she a first-timer, I’d suggest gaining a digital tank scale to aid you. And also if you desire to recognize the continuing to be fuel in your tank, then any type of of mine recommended techniques should do your task easy.

However, you will still need some experience with the various burner settings to suspect a near-accurate food preparation time.

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On that note, it’s time for me come wrap increase today’s guide. I hope my initiatives have to be fruitful in easing few of your gas grill troubles.