If Jamie day looks familiar, you either pay close attention to 1-800-Ask-Gary advertising or constant Florida Studio Theatre.Day, 33, is the lone, female cast member in FST’s “Laughing matters 2009,” a music parody that pokes funny at Sarasota politics, personalities and also culture. She perform in the company’s first run of the present in 2007, and this year she hams it up again in a brand-new set of modern-day spoofs.From ripping sarah Palin in rimless glasses and brunette wig, come mocking downtown Sarasota’s roundabout turmoil, “‘Laughing Matters’,” says Day, “is choose vaudeville meets map out comedy meets ‘Saturday Night Live’ because that Sarasota.”A Southgate resident, job is also one of several television spokespeople for 1-800-Ask-Gary’s lawyer and medical-referral services, a gig she landing after finding out that the woman through whom she mutual a StairMaster in ~ the gym was the mam of ask Gary owner Gary Kompothecras. An Evansville, Ind., native, Day came to Sarasota in 2005 to work-related on one FST play referred to as “The last Schwartz.” After seven years in brand-new York City and one hectic year in Los Angeles, the 5-foot-9 actress to be exhausted and also ready because that a readjust of pace. She began coaching acting classes and also in 2007 founded Acting with Integrity, a program that supplies after-school- and also summer-camp drama lessons with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Sarasota County and also the Sarasota Partnership because that Children’s mental Health. She currently commutes when a week to Nova Southeastern University, in ft Lauderdale, wherein she is examining to get her master’s degree in drama therapy and marriage-and-family therapy.“Now that I’ve taken exhilaration to a various level, my enthusiasm for it has returned a hundred-fold,” she says. INFORMATION“Laughing problem 2009” continues through June 6, at FST’s Goldstein Cabaret. To acquisition tickets, contact 366-9000 or visit www.floridastudiotheatre.org. For much more on Acting with Integrity, call 646-221-8558 or visit www.actingwithintegrity.com.

DAY’S TOP 5 MUSICALS‘Oklahoma’“I played Ado Annie a bajillion times, and ‘Overture’ still gives me goose bumps.”‘Cabaret’“I would love come play Sally Bowles, also though I’m constantly told I’m as well tall, or as well voluptuous, or too corn-bred for the role.”‘Les Misérables’“I remained in high college the first time I witnessed ‘Les Mis.’ ns still cry every time i hear the score.”‘The 1940s Radio Hour’“It’s no an initial musical, yet it’s among the most fun time I’ve ever had ~ above stage. It’s collection during world War II and centered around a holiday display for the troops.”‘Crazy because that You’“I’m crazy around anything Gershwin. I just love music native the 1930s and 1940s. Berlin. Howard Arlen. Lock were together wonderful wordsmiths.”

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